About Us


Aranya Solutions purpose is to enrich quality of life.

We focus on creating systemic place-based solutions to enhance the daily lives of people through meaning and economical vitality. 

Our method is to assist communities to implement environmentally friendly building and agricultural methods, life skills workshops, local business development, leadership training, education initiatives, and capacity building. We serve as a bridge to resources.

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Aranya means “Abundant Forest” in Sanskrit, which we strive to achieve literally and metaphorically. We have an ecological mindset in our approach, where we think and act like a forest ecosystem, identifying where the levers for support are needed and bring resources to fulfill the needs – pollinating like bee’s.

We collaborate with our web of partners to provide access to assets that bolster cultural resilience, sustainability impact and livelihood.

We work together to develop systematic improvements with a focus on localization, serving as a bridge to resources and providing necessary infrastructure.


Our Story:

This nonprofit was formed to fill an important niche of working directly with the community in collaboration with local organizations and providing leadership development skills for long term public health and sustainability. The purpose of having a nonprofit in the USA is to raise funds from the States to bring to places that are in greater need, as a direct channel for fundraising efforts for maximum impact.

Aranya Solutions is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the USA. We formed a nonprofit to serve the under served, starting our work in Nepal after seeing the needs for more support on the ground and fundraising. Aranya Solutions serves organizations and communities dedicated to making the world a better place. We create and facilitate strategies for efficiency.

We successfully completed the needs assessment for the Nepal Village Community Development project in the Fall of 2017. We developed a calendar of activities for 2018 for programs to meet the needs of the village assessed. We identified programs for the next 4 years for agriculture, education, health, leadership and community development.

In 2019 we took on more local and international projects related to regenerative agriculture. As we are about creating an abundant forest it is very aligned with our mission to focus on regenerative practices.


Katrina Zavalney

Katrina Zavalney, USA

Founder and Executive Director


Barry Cogbill

Barry Cogbill, USA

Board of Directors

Kathia Castro Laszlo, USA

Kathia Castro Laszlo, USA

Board of Directors

Kathia Castro Laszlo, USA

Karri Winn, USA

Board of Directors


Rotary International

Rotary Mission Statement  – Rotary is where neighbors, friends and problem solvers share ideas, join leaders and take action to create lasting change. The main principal of Rotary is “Service Above Self”.   

We have partnered with Rotary to support community, economic development, increase capacity, health and nutrition in deprived areas in the world by multiplying funds raised through Rotary International to increase impact. The International Projects Committee of the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa East, California developed these projects in collaboration with the host Rotary clubs in Africa and Asia and their local communities.  Through our friendships with Rotarians in developing countries, we are able to create lasting change for the people we serve.

See more details at www.Pathways4Thriving.org


 Starhawk’s Regenerative Land Management Program   

We are working with mentors, land, farms and ranchers around the world for internship placement. We also help raise funds for diversity scholarships.

This new long term program (2 years) in Regenerative Agriculture and Land Management led by Starhawk, Charles Williams and many other guest speakers and mentors.  It’s based around two ten-day intensives, short internships, a longer-term apprenticeship and many shorter courses, all guided by a personal mentor who will help tailor the program to participants’ goals and needs. Internship sites will be sought across North America and internationally, so that students can learn from a variety of enterprises, approaches and gain exposure to land management practices and challenges in different cultures. The goal is to develop pathways for more farmers, ranchers, organizers and businesses that are focused on regenerative land management. 20-30 students per course, this new long-term program is designed to give the skills, experience and confidence to run a farm, ranch, retreat center or urban farm in ways that heal damaged ecosystems and sequester carbon. The student often become teachers and leaders who will pass this knowledge on.



Abundant Earth Foundation                                                                           

Abundant Earth Foundation (AEF) was formed as a way for the global Permaculture Movement to unite and better support one another.  AEF funds projects around the world that are using permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and social entrepreneurial efforts to make a great impact at local and global levels. Aranya Solutions partnered with AEF to represent the Weaver Network at the East Africa Permaculture Convergence in Uganda in May of 2018. Weaver Network is an online platform to share stories and projects, list Wants/Needs/Offerings/Requests, connect and share information with others who hold similar passions, and learn about permaculture trainings and courses.       

AbundantEarthFoundation.org          WeaverNetwork.org 

ICA Nepal

With the aim of changing lives and changing societies, the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) Nepal was established in early 1998 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Since its establishment and following its philosophy: ‘every individual has a capacity to bring change in his/her situation’, ICA Nepal has continuously worked for human capacity development, and hence, has emerged as one of the leading organizations in training and facilitation in Nepal. ICA Nepal believes that no sustainable development or change is achieved without considering existing cultural dynamics and pluralities. Thus, it is dedicated to creating an environment, in which the opportunity of participation, and the building in of sustainable change and development is foremost.



The Relief Trust

Local partner in Nepal to support life skills programming and connections to government officials. This partner does trauma relief work through counseling and leads trainings in communication and emotional intelligence work for community development.


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