Media and Communications Platform

Our media and communications platform helps create the conditions for sustainability by nurturing an ecosystem of vibrant lasting relationships between our stakeholders, supporters, network of pollinators and leaders in living web of meaningful relationships. We serve as a platform that amplifies the voice of villagers’ experience and raise awareness about their needs, culture and offerings to their region and communities beyond. The goal is to raise the visibility to attract potential partnerships, funding and beneficial livelihood opportunities. Aranya Solutions acts as a pollinator creating a web of relationships to help bridge resources needed in these communities. 

For the Nepal project Click here for more information.


This video below gives a good 3 min overview about Aranya Solutions 

We went to Africa! Check out the video below with the East Africa Permaculture Convergence!

At the end of May 2018, the first ever East Africa Permaculture convergence was held in Uganda. Hosted by Sector 39, the convergence brought together participants to share local knowledge, network by geography and interest groups, and build stronger connections among the African Permaculture Movement.  Abundant Earth Foundation was proud to sponsor us to go and represent a project we are working on together and 15 scholarships that allowed the participation of people who would not otherwise have been able to attend. 

Mindful Movement 

The Mindful Movement program is designed for conferences, trainings and workshops that would like to incorporate activity where people can gently move the body with conscious, refreshing movements. The movements invite awareness of the body and mindfulness in life. Group, organizations or communities are always welcome to book a session if you want your people be more energized, refreshed and focused – it’s great for team building. 

This video is from a Community development training in India with the Institute of Cultural Affairs. 

Our communications platform encompasses:

  • Sharing the Stories from the Villages: Videos, pictures, articles, blogs and social media. Focused on the villagers we work with in Nepal. We will give the villagers support through a platform to tell their story, their successes and struggles.


  • Involving a Community of Supporters: Special videos and live updates from the field for engaging donors in the work they are supporting. We want to help our supporters experience the meaning of the work they are funding that want to make a difference by supporting our mission with funds, resources and awareness of global humanitarian issues.


  • Promoting Leadership that Inspires: Interviews with people who inspire us, shared in videos, stories and innovation labs. We give voice to change makers and learn from the experience and wisdom of thought leaders in the areas we serve and around the world