What We Do


Service Array:

  • Regenerative Land Use: We support sustainable agriculture techniques and education to empower local resources, creating economic opportunities.
  • Community Development: Through partnering with communities, organizations, villages and cities, we identify assets and resources to coordinate efforts between leaders, projects and organizations together for a stronger, more vibrant community. We help with structure, systems, asset mapping, programming, stakeholder analysis and capacity building. We focus on women’s empowerment, livelihood and life skills education.
  • Leadership Skills: We provide consulting services for communities and organizations that are developing, we help improve conditions and functionality. We provide training in leadership development, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and communication skills.
  • Community Action Events: We produce events and fundraisers to amplify a cause. We also create Innovation Labs: Events and think-tanks that lead to action plans and solutions for climate change and humanitarian issues to further drive innovation and awareness. We give voice to change makers and wisdom of thought leaders around the world.
  • Mindful Movements: Mindful movement is to gently move the body with conscious, refreshing movements. The moves bring in awareness of the body and mindfulness in life.

woman crafting basket

Current Projects:

We are currently working with the Rotary Club to bring meaningful livelihood to the people villages in Nepal and Africa.

The Nepal villages suffered greatly from the 2015 earthquake and haven’t gotten the help it needs to prosper and be prepared for any coming setbacks. Learn more about these projects and our wholistic approach to empower these corageous people.


  • Nepal Village Livelihood
  • Nourishing Bellies and Brains in Uganda, Africa
  • Fruit Trees and Solar Cookers in Uganda, Africa
  • Rainwater Harvesting in Tanzania, Africa 

Criteria for Projects and Partners: Image result for images UN Sustainable Development Goals

We will work with those that align with the values of Sustainable Land Use, Community Development and Sustainable Solutions locally and globally.  

The project must align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and bring positive impact to the environment and people. It is important that the work will not bring harm to people, animals or the planet. 

Our Ethos – “Service Above Self”

We use an action research process in an informal interview setting for participants to be relaxed and offer honest answers on issues related to the target area. We then assist organizations/ communities to develop a structure to more efficiently meet their needs. Most things will be done in partnership and collaboration where Aranya Solutions acts a bridge to resources and infrastructure.

We believe that for service to be true it must also be embodied, and thus connected with our whole being. This is the leading edge of the sustainability movement: the realization that no matter how many solar panels we install, how many green products we consume, how much CO2 [and Methane] we remove from the atmosphere, we will not be living better lives if we do not transform ourselves, our lifestyles, choices and priorities. Sustainability is an inside job, a learning journey to live lightly, joyfully, peacefully, meaningfully.

Projects In Greater Detail:

Nepal Village Livelihood

Digam Village 2017 – by Katrina Zavalney


Nepal Village Livelihood (In Digam Village)

We are supporting Digam Village’s Community Development through agriculture training, livelihood programs and building a community center.

Working with this remote village who was deeply affected by the 2015 Earthquake, a massive 7.6 magnitude that affected most of the country, where homes, schools and communities were destroyed.img/women-in-the-field.jpg

We will provide programming support and life skill building activities for them to become self sustaining.

Project Partners:


The Relief Trust Logo

ICA Nepal


The Relief Trust


In this video you can hear the voices of the villagers, their needs and an introduction to where we work. We are creating an array of services to meet these needs with education, agriculture, health and working with them to build a community center.

Leadership & Facilitation

We provide training in leadership development, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and communication skills, compassion and embodied empowerment.
We support anyone who wants to gain these skills especially new political leaders, nonprofits, INGO’s and community leaders interested in increasing their leadership skills.

We will collaborate with partners in Nepal, India and other countries. We appreciate donors to provide scholarships for those in need to receive leadership training.
We also promote leadership that inspires through podcasts, interviews, social media, and our innovation labs.img/aranya-meeting-professional.png

Organization Development Consulting

Aranya Solutions can provide the structure, strategy, and facilitation organizations need to ensure dynamic success, this includes organization development, strategic planning, grant writing support, fundraising and general help thinking things through for alignment of purpose and goals and organization development. Through this we help entities sustain themselves to improve
conditions and functionality.

Innovation Labs

Events and think-tanks that lead to action plans and solutions for climate change and humanitarian issues to further drive innovation and awareness. 

http://www.aranyasolutions.dreamhosters.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/innovation-lab-philly.jpgWe give voice to change makers and learn from the experience and wisdom of thought leaders in the areas we serve and around the world.

We look for leaders in sustainability, humanity, technology, consciousness expansion and equity conversations. The innovation labs result in concise action plans and solutions for climate change and humanitarian issues. Through this we establish groups and a network to further drive action, innovation and awareness on an ongoing basis.